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1: About Abstraction Machine

1.1: What Is Abstraction Machine?

Abstraction Machine is a framework which allows dynamic websites and web applications that use a database to be built without writing a single line of code. This is done using 'objects' of different types that are added to a project using the Abstraction Machine Site Editor which is accessed when logged into your account.

It is a framework which allows the HTML of a website design to be added around various objects which provide dynamic functionality. These objects do many things like querying the database for information, generating a form, showing a results table, sending an email and many others.

The main purpose of this framework is to make website applications and prototypes much faster and more efficiently than can be done by hiring a programmer to write code to do the same task. Abstraction Machine does not necessarily replace the need for writing code for large or complex projects but offers many advantages for smaller to medium sized projects. As a framework it lowers the barrier to entry of creating a website with dynamic functionality and also allows someone to start with a template and expand on an initial application for their own uses.

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