What Is Abstraction Machine?

Abstraction Machine is a framework that allows the creation of a new fully functional website application in hours or days rather than weeks or months. It does this by providing a graphical user interface to add the HTML code of a web design in and around objects which bring the dynamic functionality to life. The objects take care of general logic, sessions, database queries, forms, result tables and much more while any remaining custom functionality can simply be filled in with extra PHP code. This allows small to medium sized applications to be created faster, be modified or expanded more easily going forward and allows your ideas to go through many versions faster than would have been possible otherwise.

The Abstraction Machine framework is perfect for new business ideas that are going to need to rely on a dynamic website, business databases that need to keep track of ever-changing information and projects that might have been too expensive or time consuming to develop in a traditional way.

Why Abstraction Machine?

Saving You Time And Money

The original vision behind Abstraction Machine was to build a framework and a service that allows web applications which aren't complicated to be built, to be managed and to be changed much faster than by using current methods. To explain how it does this we have to consider the difference between using Abstraction Machine and writing computer code.

The fact of the matter is that in order to build a new type of web application that doesn't yet exist, you have to write code - or pay someone to write code - and code is complex. Code is complex by its nature because it has to interact with a computer at a low level. This means that creating something like one web page that shows a table of results from a database uses many lines of code. To create a second web page that shows a slightly different set of results means writing about the same amount of code which will be very similar but subtly different.

To overcome the problem of repeating code, developers create libraries of code that can be reused by simply providing slightly different inputs to the interface of the library. Abstraction Machine takes this concept and makes it accessible online by allowing objects to be added to a project and configured without ever writing a line of code. The result is that most of the common functionality found in a dynamic website such as creating different pages, generating forms and tables, putting things in a database, uploading images and files, sending emails, creating a login session, formatting data and much, much more, are each handled by an object that has already been created for you - you only have to use it.

Ultimately, this means that Abstraction Machine makes creating less complicated web applications much more accessible, open and cheaper for everyone, speeding up many types of development by managing the overall complexity at the level where it should handled. Because Abstraction Machine also provides programming concepts such as variables and control structures, it can also be thought of as an easily accessible higher level programming language with an expanding set of useful libraries aimed specifically at speeding up normal web development.

How Does It Work?

Adding Content And Objects Is Easy

The core idea of Abstraction Machine is an interface that lets you mix HTML and objects with ease. Here is a quick sample of how everything is added, edited and deleted:

Add Content

Add object instead of text Edit Move Up Move Down Delete
 Database Results Table Of Great Features Add text instead of an object Edit Move Up Move Down Delete
Add object instead of text Edit Move Up Move Down Delete
Add object instead of text Add

In the object editor, when you click on the icon that lets you select an object instead of text, it brings up a menu where you can easily add a new object:

Each type of object has many options that allow you to set up their functionality in no time, and they can easily be reused anywhere else in the same project.

Where Is It Hosted?

Hosting And Custom PHP Code

By default, all web applications are hosted by the plans we offer here at AbstractionMachine.com as this allows sites to be set up rapidly and lets all changes be published instantly as objects are added and edited. However, we also offer premium plans that give you extra flexibility by providing some special features. Firstly, they allow you to upload your own PHP code as custom objects that you can insert anywhere in your projects and secondly you can download the entire project as the generated PHP code of all of the objects and host it on your own servers.

More Information Coming Soon

We are almost ready to launch the beta version of our service to the world. We will be announcing more information as soon as we can.